In a post-pandemic (mid-pandemic?) world, proper cleaning practices have become critical to our mental and physical health. Making sure our bodies, houses, and clothes are clean has become increasingly important and will likely remain a major concern even after the pandemic is no longer an issue, just a chapter in future grade school textbooks.

So, how can we ensure we are practicing suitable hygienic habits? One popular solution is laundry sheets or strips, which aid in clean, fresh-smelling clothes. This innovative method of doing laundry has risen in popularity in recent years, replacing the giant plastic bottles that contain liquid detergent. However, as a result of the burgeoning demand, many people have grown suspicious of the effectiveness of laundry detergent soap sheets.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of using laundry detergent strips and why you should incorporate them into your laundry routine to help you lead a long, healthy life with clean clothing that feels and smells natural fresh clean. 


What is a laundry strip?

Before we explore the benefits of detergent strips, we need to identify what they are. Laundry strips are thin, dissolvable sheets with biodegradable resin. It may be hard to believe, but these paper-thin strips hold all the vital cleaning ingredients sans unnecessary plastic, so you can achieve clean laundry with less waste and in less time.

Since they are pre-cut and pre-measured, all you have to do is toss a single sheet into the wash cycle – it’s as easy as throwing in your socks.


Do laundry strips actually work?

Let’s cut to the chase. To answer the million-dollar question: yes!!!

Laundry sheets provide an excellent way to do your laundry. The concept was developed to effectively clean your clothes with only gentle, plant-based ingredients – no harsh chemicals, additives, or residue are part of the equation.

Additionally, the fuss-free nature of detergents strips makes them a more convenient substitute. So, with such an effective and efficient impact, laundry strips make formidable opponents to their liquid or powder counterparts. The small, compact packing makes them perfect for traveling, as well.


How do you use laundry strips?

So, now that we’ve established what laundry strips are, you’re likely wondering how to use them. Perhaps one of the most compelling features of laundry strips is that they are extremely convenient.

These thin pieces of paper cause no mess, presenting a fuss-free alternative to large laundry detergent bottles that lend to spills and inaccurate amounts used. Additionally, laundry strips indicate no mess in your washing machine, leaving even less work for users.

How to use Öko Essentials Laundry Detergent Strips: use one strip for a regular-sized load (+/- 3 – 5 Kgs) and 2-3 strips for larger loads.


Are laundry strips really good for the environment? How?

At Öko Essentials, we are strong advocates of sustainable alternatives, so we are proud to present a simple way to practice habits that help, not harm, the planet. The following are environmental benefits yielded by our laundry strips:

  • No plastic is involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Eco-friendly packaging – again, no plastic! In fact, our laundry detergent strips are packaged in zero-waste, recyclable packaging.
  • There are no harmful chemicals that wind up in our water systems and pollute them.
  • Cruelty-free


But how effective are they, really? What about stains?

Still, believe it’s too good to be true? Don’t worry – we can convince even the most obstinate non-believers, just as our detergent strips can erase the most stubborn stains.

If you have clumsy eaters or rambunctious children who enjoy playing outdoors in the elements, stains are an everyday occurrence.

Fortunately, laundry detergent sheets are equipped to handle any food spills or mud tracks with ease as they contain the same stain-fighting ingredients as other traditional laundry detergents.

Additionally, if you have a particularly tough stain, you can spot-clean it with a detergent strip before washing it, and voila! You and your family have clean clothes without compromising the environment.


Browse Öko Essentials Laundry Detergent Strips

Öko Essentials offers a variety of cleaning products, including laundry detergent strips.

Our detergent strips are made with zero-waste packaging and contain no additives or harsh chemicals. Oh, and they’re also mess-free. The lightweight papers still manage to pack a powerful cleaning ability, making them a must-have in homes everywhere. Choose from two variations: Pure Fresh (unscented) and Ocean Breeze (Scented) and experience the magic for yourself.



Using laundry detergent strips provides a win-win situation – you can protect the environment while ensuring all of your garments are thoroughly cleaned. Öko Essentials is proud to give conscious consumers the opportunity to practice sustainable cleaning habits, so you can save more than just your laundry day.